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Gesse is a recruiting agency. We can help create a cohesive team for your company and select the best specialists for project work. We also assist specialists in finding their dream job.

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Outstaffing solutions for a flexible management.


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About Gesse
Hiring that makes you happy

Our goal is to bring joy to people's lives by finding them their dream job and helping them make positive changes in their careers.

Founded in 2020


Efficiency growth

Company owners and recruiters have noted an increase in productivity for the positions in which we have selected employees compared to in-house hiring.

Our mission is to provide job seekers with opportunities that bring fulfillment, happiness and positive change in their lives. We strive to connect talented individuals with organizations that match their skills and goals, facilitating mutual success and growth.

Our vision is to revolutionize the job market by making hiring processes more humane, efficient, and personalized. We aim to create a world where everyone can find a fulfilling job that brings them joy and contributes to their personal and professional growth.

1. People First - We prioritize the needs and aspirations of individuals over business interests. 2. Empathy - We approach hiring with compassion and understanding, respecting the unique journeys and challenges of each job seeker. 3. Integrity - We uphold the highest ethical standards, building trust and transparency with our clients and candidates.

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